Need more opinions(hardworking, horny,hurt)

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WOMEN PLEASE RESPOND ....Okay i am going thru this with my wife of 3 almost 4 years she has recently decided to be celibate for a year and she says it happily makes fun of me for wanting to have sex or any sexual contact at all i try to make light of it but its wearing out its welcome quick 

And every time i make a attempt she says now its 365 days from the last time i ask,

Like writing this makes me feel like a bitch cause i feel the tears i surpressed coming back

She says its so we can grow financial independence thta i dont have to keep working all day to provide (shes a stay a home mom) and yes i chnage pampers, feed the children, help clean the house, even sit and just talk with her about her days when i get home,

The only thing that i dont do that she wants is watch podcast on entrepreneurs and random people telling how they became self sufficient, 

So we can plan(follow in their footsteps) 

Its starting to hurt me emotionally knowing she can just casually dismiss me when i feel i do so much for her and our family i try not to even sleep in the bedroom because i get sexually aroused being next to my wife which in my book thats normal(maybe im wrong) 

So i sleep on the couch now, hell i even asked for just her hand and was denied, and told i have my own, now i started to dream of sex with other women which didnt use to happen please chime in i need to know other women opinions but i dont have any to ask that wont go back and tell my wife i asked