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Need relationship advice

I have experienced an isolated instance of domestic violence and I can’t take my mind off it. It made me feel so numb and powerless that I didn’t know I could be so defenceless! It happened last week when my husband got drunk and didn’t take No for an answer and came charging towards me for what I can only describe as painful non-consensual sex during my period. I have tried to talk about it but he’s in total denial and refused to accept that anything happened between us without my consent. As a father of our toddler he’s very gentle and caring. I still can’t believe what has happened. Seeking help from Social care would just make me another P number with a NFA if you know about the system. I considered seeking help from an IDVA contact through work but wasn’t comfortable due to the fear of being judged. I just need to process what has happened and make sure that it never repeats. Separation and divorce aren’t on my mind as I’m keen to work this out. Any help and non judgemental advice is highly appreciated. Thanks 🙏

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im not an expert but getting drunk and doing such things is it a habit??

i totally understand you do not want to report as it will cause social workers involved and put you on the radar.

i would suggest write him a soulful email, with what happened and how it has tormented you, and your willingness to forgive and move on for your relationship this time.

an email should act as a documented warning to him, and a chance to accept.

just my advice..