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Need some advice

soo I'm 19 and i think I'm pregnant ( i took a test but it came back inconclusive) idk how to tell my parents... plus I'm only 19 i don't want kids and how the hell is a kid supposed to raise a kid ... anyway I'm at my wits end i don't know what to do or say ...

My boyfriend is very supportive and won't force me to do anything I'm not 100percent on board with but this is soo scary ...

I can't even decide if i want to keep the baby or not ( my body my choice leave me alone anti- aborsion people)

I just don't know how to tell my perants cuz they will most likely kick me out..

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Re: Need some advice

Hard one. I’d raise the kid for my child. My wife’s friend thought of abortion when her husband abandoned her. I offered to take the child.

I was born blond & blue. My dad was Spanish. My mom Native & black. He denied me. She told me every day she should have aborted me till she left me in the woods by a lake as a boy. I endured years or sex abuse & torture. I used to pray for death. But I realize something. I’ve saved a few lives. I raised great kids. I fought to protect disabled children; outcasts, & gay people. I’m nothing special; but the world is better because I was in it.

I got called to my youngest sons school twice. Had to talk to the principal & cops. A bunch of boys were playing hit the ginger. A tiny disabled red haired boy. He told the teachers. They did nothing. So he screamed at the bullies in the lunch room. Leave him alone. My son was the best athlete in the school. Very popular. But he stood for one of the weakest. The teachers called the cops on him. The other time he defended a gay orphan. That boy watched his mom OD on drugs & the dad kill himself when he saw the mom had died from drugs they both took. He’s gay. He had no friends. My son is a ladies man but he defended him. That kid hangs out with my sons straight athletic friends now. He is in our home with the other kids. Had my mom aborted me I wouldn’t be here. My kids wouldn’t be here.

My step dad was put up for adoption. His life was better than mine but not a fairy tale. Most aren’t. He became a Ranger & engineer. He volunteers as an EMT & firemen. He’s saved lives. He actually reported to a call & saved my real dad once.

You must choose. You need to be on birth control pills. Need to make sure boys use condoms. I used to pull out early, but most men are too selfish for that. You can get sexual gratification without having actual sex.

You don’t seem ready. I’d suggest call around to groups that help single homeless women. Even if your not Christian, call Churches. Don’t give them your name & number at first. Tell them your pregnant. You don’t want the child & wish to give it to another. Not to be crude (I’m mixed); but if your white someone will certainly want the baby. Most prefer babies to older kids when adopting. White people go over seas & pay a lot to adopt if they can’t get a white baby here. My step dad was adopted by a kind engineer.

Tell these places your afraid your parents will kick you out. Then you can tell your parents once you have alternatives.

Did you know a woman can leave a new born at any hospital; fire department, or police dept & say they don’t want it. They will take the child & put it up for adoption. My step dad got better parents & a better life. Granted; my life was crap after my parents abandoned me. But they were horrible too. And yet I grew up to run touchdowns, slam basketballs, win academic awards, design buildings, help build things that went into space, & be a good dad.

I worked with a lady. She had a daughter. She hated Christians. At first she liked me till she found out I was Christian. She’d start shaking & pass out at work. She was middle age. It turned out it was cause she’d had an abortion many yrs ago. I have PTSD & relive my childhood now. Happens in middle age a lot. So it’s not just your child to worry about. It’s you. Will you feel regret yrs from now?

I’m not female. Not my choice. But putting it up for adoption is probably your best choice. That way the kid gets a chance. That way you don’t end up over whelmed by remorse in your middle age years.

It seems like the end of the world now. I’ve almost died many times from a disease. Yet I’m still here. Life is precious & fleeting. It ends all too soon for all of us; even if we live 100 yrs.

I’d suggest look for people who would help you & take the child (adoption). Then I’d tell your parents. Being out on your own is scary at 19.

I’ve been paying my own way since 15. It was hard; but I made it. You can find roommates on Craigslist. You can be humble & thankful & work at Walmart or a restaurant near your apartment. Try to work days if no car. Ride a bike or scooter home. Life can be hard as heck. I lived thru it. But I lived.

No easy answers in life. Maybe your parents will surprise you once they know you were mature enough to find a way to get your child adopted. Maybe they will let you stay. But if you truly don’t want the child; & they decide they want you to have it. Tell them to adopt the child. Don’t force yourself to keep it.

Well it’s your decision. I just prayed for you.

May I say something. I look like a 30 yr old movie star in my 50’s. 20 yr olds constantly flirt with me; some ask me out. I have a giant penis & can have sex for over 2 hrs. Sex is fun. I’ve had constant sex for an entire day & night when I was younger. I’ve danced with naked female co-Ed’s in college. I get it; sex feels good. But sex leads to babies. You have a vagina. Females get pregnant. A lot of males say they want to finish & it feels better without a condom. Well they don’t get pregnant.

I could last two hrs. I’d pull out early & we finished me off other ways. Yet till marriage I also wore condoms. I’d also ask if they were on birth control. If not then no sex. I still wore the condom & pulled out early in case they lied. Convince them to pull out & finish on you or something. If they won’t wear a condom & do that then no sex. And get on birth control.

Well best wishes. Hope it works out. I love you. I know that sounds stupid. But think on this. I probably only have 10-12 months to live. How much time did I spend writing this for you? I’m life we all do good & bad. The question is do you do more good than bad? I’m far from perfect. But I try to do good.