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Hi everyone...I can't disclose my name that's the reason I choose this anonymous site to share my feelings ,my needs...may be no one is going to help me still I just want to say you guys because instead of attempt suicide I thought let's try once....

Am a 26 years old girl my past due to some of my mistakes now a days am in a big financial trouble.

I am just not getting any single financial support from my so called friends and family.

I am never going to cheat anyone it just that nowadays I am helpless .....I eat to live my life ....I don't eat to die.

I know who so ever are reading my msg its very difficult to trust me or help without any interest.

But still I believe if every doors are closed for me might be possible god will open another door for me.

God lives in human inside only.

I request you if you all can help me as per your hand...pls hep me.I really need some money to get out of this bad situation.

PLS helpπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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