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Need some help please.

Okay so this is kind of embarrassing but idk what to do so.I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me.

I have a problem enjoying sex,not like foreplay and stuff but it hurts when a man is inside me,it doesnt matter how small he is it hurts and every man ive been with has a hard time getting it in, idk if its just because they dont know what they are doing or what...does anyone have any advice on how to make sex at least easier for me?

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Re: Need some help please.

Lube. That's all I had to say.

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It would probably be best if you saw Isaac’s counselor or your medical professional. See you in a pelvic floor specialist could help you understand if you’re opening is too small and have some ways of helping.

this can be a common problem for some and can be corrected with some techniques and medical help.

if there’s anything psychological going on during sex a therapist can help you understand what it is.