need to vent

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I got my second covid shot yesterday and now I'm seeing and smelling smoke that my family says isn't there. I had a sip of milk to see how my taste is and its fine. I'm afraid to speak up and look like a fool. I recently have been in two car accidents in the span of 2 weeks and I feel like a burden. I'm afraid of having my parents drag me to a hospital just for everything to be ok and then need to pay another bill. I'm ashamed that i will be 20 in October and I'm still arguing with myself over things like this. I'm still impulse purchasing things and draining cash. I feel like a financial wreck. still fully employed but unable to work the full 40 hours a week I'm expected to complete. I keep leaving half an hour early and making up bullshit excuses. Even when i get on a good streak something ends up happening. I don't know if i can find balance right now.