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Need Your Suggestions (About Crush)

I asked my crush (he don't know he's my crush... or maybe he knows..) to send me his pic if possible... (it was the third time asked him to do do...) The first time... he send me a his pic in which he made wierd face... second time he just totally ignored my words...

And this time after long pause... he sent me his pic... Along with two girls clingling onto him (a married lady... and a beautiful girl ) (I recognised the married lady... she was his sis... So naturally I Guessed the second one is his sis too)

I asked him... hey Is that your sis he said ya

Now am confused... as what he wants me to understand through that pic

(Both his sisters are exceptionally beautiful... fair... even with bare face...)

Is he by any chance telling me to back off... like I have no chance to get to be with him...???

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Re: Need Your Suggestions (About Crush)

If you want a man, let him chase you. That is what they want to do. Play hard to get but keep the communication very short and light.

Stay silent. Do not contact him. If he is interested in you, he will wonder why you stop contacting him and he will make the next move. Again, stay short and freindly. Measure each words he gives you. Give him 1 less. Let him in control and get curious about you. Hide your feelings until you know his. Be careful. Guys will tell a girls whatever she wants to hear to get in her pants. Respect yourself and they will respect you.

Why do you just tell him how you feel. Something like lets grab a coffee I want to talk more with you. If he asks if its a date, say yes. Put yourself out there and be assertive rather than passive.

You might be surprised with the outcome.

Men and people in general like it when we say what we want

I think honestly, he may be uninterested. I'm not saying not to pursue, but at this point there is a high chance he is uninterested. Better chill first, take a few days to think about what would happen if you were with him, or in the future if it would be worth it. Also, try to seem less clingy, maybe you can send a funny photo of yourself or something, which in turn will also make him be like "oh I should send a photo also"