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Never Do Drugs

Hello thete I am here because I really want to vent out the wrong decisions in my life.

If anyone reading this hasn't done drugs before, DO NOT START. DO NOT DO IT EVER.

I am an addict, I am super addicted to meth, I am at a point where I am still self aware of the things I am doing to get meth and I still know that some of the things I do to acquire it is wrong but I am too weak willed to stop myself from doing it anyways. I spend some of my days doing something productive and keep my self sober, but somedays I just fall into this hole that I can't seem to get out of. It doesn't help that the group of people I hang around with are also enablers and addicts. A normal day for us is trying to score meth and afterwards look for money to get more meth. It is a sick cycle. And I really want to get out of it.

Recently I've been reading articles on how to quit or the ways of quitting. I really wanted to start a new life, but I didn't expect that the bad choices I made before in my life would still end up haunting me. Thru my research I read something that scares me from quitting. I read that Meth stimulates the receptors that makes you feel happy , but at an insanely high rate. The excessive use of this receptors can cause them to work at a slower rate in the future to compensate for the heavy work they have been doing while you are high. And prolonged and repetitive times of this occuring will eventually cause permanent damage. Meaning "YOU MAY NOT FEEL HAPPINESS ANYMORE IF YOU STOP USING". This may or will lead to depression. And we all know what happens if you are depressed all the time.

So my question from all of this is: Should I continue using meth and still experience MethnFueled happiness while slowly destroying the rest of my life OR shoul I stop and risk being depressed and eventually leading to suicide or something.

Or if any of you have any tips or solutions so I can come out of this having a normal better life, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Never Do Drugs

There are many ways to quit drugs. But these are to be done under the supervision of a medical practitioner. YES, what you understood on your research maybe partially correct. Every individual make decisions that they regret at least once in their life. Don't worry about the bad choices as long as you are alive because there is always a chance. Be strong. Yes, the drugs give you happiness by stimulating your nervous system but in my point of view happiness is something that comes from your heart and stimulates the whole body. If you try to reduce the intake of drugs under medical supervision may lead to eternal happiness which comes from the feeling of free from drugs. This process may take quite a time. I suggest you to make a new partner who force you to stop drugs. PLEASE BE CAREFUL ABOUT YOUR HEALTH. CHEER UP. UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION, I GUESS DEPRESSION CAN BE STOPPED. BE POSITIVE