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Never give up on life

Never hide your feelings.

Some days I just want to give up. My parents don't care because they think it's just a faze. Sometimes I wonder if it is. Some days I just want to stop faking. But when I do, I get in trouble.

Whenever I feel like giving up, I always have to remind myself of all the people I care about, and what might happen if I did. My mam is depressed. I dont know how depressed but I do know she is. I always have to tell myself that if I end it, she might too. And my brother, we have always been together. When my mam and my dad broke up, he was there for me. He was too young at the time to know that they were broken up, but he knew I was sad. Same as when either of us gets shouted at for no reason. We're there for eachother. If I gave up, what if he did too? My dad doesn't get to see us a lot, imagine that he'd never get to see me again. My best friend needs someone to talk to, I'm sure she'd move on, but I might hurt her.

I never stop to think about what I might be missing out on. I could miss out on a great life, but I wouldn't know. So before you put that knife to your skin, take that step off that bridge, take that leap off that building, try to remember that there are people there who might need you. You'll never know for sure, but try to be there just in case.

That is what I have to tell myself everytime I think about it.

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Re: Never give up on life

it's not just a faze hun, bc as we grow up into our teen years and into our adult years, we experience depression, the want to end our lives and give up, anxiety, and many more mental illnesses. but please please please DO NOT GIVE UP. life goes on, it gets better. maybe not tomorrow, next week, or next year but God always takes and gives from us bc he will give u what you have wanted and deserved later on in your life. your feelings are ok to be felt! don't hide them bc its worse to leave them inside u instead of letting it out. life is meant to be lived the way u want and u should do what u know will help u!