New Country in the 90’s

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radio had ditched rock & blues. It was all rap. Bunch of 2 bit hoods talking trash. Racist hate of Jews. Nasty view of women. They were actually bangers. Shooting each other. No ability to sing or play music. Total crap. Just whining thugs. Hey punks; a lot of people are poor & have it tough. They don’t whine about it endlessly.

Country music has been around for ever. They whine too. But at least they add vocals & instruments. They have actual talent. But until the early 90’s I couldn’t stand country. Now it was the only choice on radio. Record producers & radio loves rap. I’ll tell you why. Exploitation. Go back to rock.

Music in America was odd. Good music started in the upper Appalachians. Kelts were unaccepted in the north so they moved south. Sang their keltic ballads in the mountains. Home made instruments. Violin became a fiddle. It’s still good music if you sing it high in the mountains & let it echo its very cool.

Slaves would listen to the poor whites. They had no instruments so they would variate their voice. That’s why if you listen to black gospel they still variate their voice a lot. I was great at that till my voice fell in a well. I could nail Smokey. Now I sounded like a smoker. So I had to become the guy singing the deep stuff. I could hit the deep parts. Elvira. Getty up. Well I am a real life cowboy. But it took the 90s to make me listen to country. Travis Twitt. Randy Travis. Oh I can nail Randy. Forever & Ever. Storms of Life. Black women loved to hear me sing that. Hot black women always seemed to be amazed a giant blond wanted to sex them up. Well I look white, but I’m not.

Apple bottom jeans. Boots with the fur. I like all pretty women.

Country is really good now. I’m Coming Over. Big Black Jacked Up Truck. I had a huge 4 by 4 for the mountains. Barely go under bridges. Had to study drive thrus. I also had classic metal. I’d soup them up & paint them myself. Hemi. MOD. Dodge. Chevy. I actually had a drag racers seat with 5 point on one. Tunnel ramp. Dual 4 barrels. Two batteries. Extra wides. I smoked a Ferrari over & over in the quarter. Two wheeling. Just don’t full it or you fall back on the hood. I even welded a roll cage. I actually raced a little. Too expensive. You spend a lot of time building it just to have someone wreck you cause they can’t drive.

When the pandemic is over go set at a dirt track. But the best sport experience I’ve had where I wasn’t driving is when I drove to Daytona. Yes it’s a long drive. They used to let you stand right on the fence. You could feel the wind tearing at you. I went when they were going faster than Indy. I saw cars lift right off the ground. Earnhardt. Yarborough. And of course Elliot. Ford was back. Most speed since the Hemi. I souped up one of those old Chargers. They were bad. Also an old Challenger for the quarter.

A vette. Camaro. Mostly I drove German sports cars though. Well made for daily drives. Those old American Muscle needed constant maintenance.

Rice burners are fine for the city. But they are built to throw away. I liked old VWs better. Easy to fix. Good gas millage.

They intentionally made cars complicated just to make it hard on shade tree mechanics. Ford stays in business selling parts.

You work on them less in the beginning. But when they break. You try to find used good parts online & pay out the nose. They are not made to come apart & put back together. I had one my wife bought. A light went out endlessly. You had to remove stuff to replace it. They did that on purpose so you put it in a shop.

I eventually redesigned the front so I could change easy. Made my wife mad though. It’s like they make those things out of plastic & glue.

I liked my Nissan Datsun 280 Z. About the only Japanese car that was worth keeping once it racked up the years. A mini cheap vett. I painted mine white with flames. I did that on a lot of my cars. Flames coming from the sides.

I’d put in a giant stereo system. Alarms. I put glow on some of them. Sides. Under neath. I like to make my stuff cool.

I’d make a lot of my clothes. Leather. Rattle snakes. But Bruce Lee got me into martial arts long ago. So I’d buy handmade silk shirts. Japanese women are hot. Let’s face it. Most women are hot. My wife had to take this cowboy. Funny I’m an Indian; but everyone thinks I’m a cowboy. That’s cool. I loved Billy Jack. But I love Clint Eastwood too. I started wearing a hat like his in middle school. I still have my high school one. I’ve got rattlesnake boots with Spanish spurs. Texas belt buckle. I still have the first Jordan’s. Those things sucked. Cut my feet. Never wore them. Near mint. I gave them to my son. He wears them to mow the grass LOL. I tried tell him worth $. But I noticed after my wife divorced me they all wear any of my favorite clothes that fit. They are big kids. I was only 230 in 10th grade. So some things don’t fit.

I laughed. They will not wear my Michael Jackson jacket. I still can’t believe I bought that. See I evolve. New music comes out & im into it. Baby your a firework. Imagine Dragons. Payphone. My fave. Poker Face. I love Gaga.

I’m all about the base. I see you baby shakin that thing. Uptown funk.

But I still mix in CC & the music factory. Crazy train. Elvis. Hold her tight by the Osmonds. They would have been amazing had their dad not shut them down. But I get it. He loved his kids. Music industry was crap.

Oh yeah. Exploitation.