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New evolutionary change we must conquer to ensure our continued existence.

So been living with this covid shit since February. Been quarantined no medical assistance or anything been living like i normally would. When am i supposed to die ? Im 29 , 6'3 about 198lbs. I havent felt weak or ill in any new way shape or form. I dnt know too much about my blood type or any other BS of that sort. But we're heading into September and i feel normal. Im sure a gang of u cunts are like "we'll lets see if ur breathing tomorrow" so stick around. I'll update u fuck faces that are so retarded buying into this bullshit that is clearly an attempt to cover the true dumb fuckery that is our nations leader. Dumbo Gay chode Trump. 👌👌👌👁 FUCK YOU and you and you and you , you , you , you and you and fuck ur mom and ur dad and ur granny and grandpa and ur auntie and uncle and twice removed cousins whatever the sweet tits that even means.. If any of these things u read didnt put a smile on ur face than ur just a cold hearted son of a bee. 😂😂😂

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Re: New evolutionary change we must conquer to ensure our continued existence.

The duck my granny made me chuckle. It's not how bad the virus is thats the problem. The problem is how easy it can spread. I personally never leave my room so I'm not sick either. Countries like Switzerland have 0 cases. Id have to check the updates but last I checked, America had more cases than then entire rest of the world combined. You can thank the Karen's of america for that. Countries have started opening their borders back up but no country in the world has opened travel with America. Some countries got rid of the virus in 2 weeks by saying "heres $1700, now take 2 weeks off and be with family but be responsible". And ya know what? It worked. 0 cases for the whole country. People in america say "Oh I cant breathe with a mask", but forfrr that law enforcement wears masks, so do doctors, the CDC, nurses, the military, nail salon workers, bank robbers, and anyone wearing costumes. No problems right? But as soon as someone on tv says it's the right thing to do, suddenly Americans have a problem with it. No wonder America is (for several decades) the laughing stock of the world.

Covid is personal. Covid cuddles up beside you in the dead of night. It hides in your underwear in the day. It gets into your bones. It claws at your soul. It eats you dry with isolation. It teaches you lessons that you tried to avoid learning. Covid will make you wiser. You'll have to die to get there.