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New roommate

I already have two about 30 yr old female roommates plus 3 others.

One of their moms move by us. She basically live by us.

Now when male roommate gone I have 3 nudists roam house. Our rooms on other end of place so they wander into my room at night to look for clothes in closet & dressers; lotion, whatever. My room is full their stuff. Hey; it’s cheap rent. But it’s a lot of nudity. I’ll be asleep. Door open. One of them will set down spread eagle in chair right by my head & start chatting. I fell like a gynecologist.

All are very pretty. Large breasts. Tiny waists. Exercise a lot.

I’m hope to get ex back so I just smile & watch the show.

But the mom takes over house. Chickens in yard. Rooster in morning. Dogs in house. We have one bathroom. When others are gone we leave bath door unlock & take showers so if need use toilet.

So I’ll be showering & sometimes they wander in. The mom has zero limits. She’s a little Oder than me. They’ll come in messing with hair & stuff. They’ll all 3 be nude. She will open my curtain to get shampoo; soap, razor. One day just steps in to get her hair wet.

She’ll rush me out & get in. Now I’m nude drying off in front of two. One sets on toilet with lid down like a chair. She’s face level with my friend who is very happy.

It’s small bathroom so they squeeze by & up against me. Very frustrating. The younger two shave bald downstairs. I’ve now watched one shave that. Why do they shave? I’m old.

I needed to cook egg. They; dogs; cats everywhere in kitchen. I need to wash hands. Kitchen sink full of fresh eggs (I buy mine). Bath sink full of hand wash clothes. She’ll fill sinks & leave for hours.

I miss my house i used to have.