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New year message

Hey y'all !!

First of all, Happy new year to whoever that got over with 2020 already! and happy new year to everyone to the people that will get over 2020 in the next couple of hours.

I will start with Bill. Brother, I never thought I would connect with you and be close to you, but I'm glad I was mistaken! I love every second we spent together. It's been a pleasure knowing you without a doubt, and I know that more memories will come, and only better days will come. I appreciate knowing you and who you are. This year hasn't been easy for anyone, but you tried your best to support people as much as you can, and I am certain everyone appreciates that. Thank you for being who you are, and for the lovely times, laughter, love, support and everything else you showed.

Now the Tribe!! y'all are so sweet! y'all have great personalities, and spending the time with you is always precious!! Much love to you all because you all only deserve the best. I really hope that every single one of you live the greatest days they could ever think of. As I said, you only deserve the best and I only hope that will be the case for 2020 and every single year afterwards! Much love to y'all and I appreciate all of you, your kindness, your sweet personalities.

I might've repeated myself a little bit, but I do think it's not only words that count, and sometimes it's hard to express how you feel.

Words can never express how great the times have been with you all and how great y'all are!!


kind, best and lovely regards to y'all,