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Nicer one or Dominant one

I am very confused. I am type of girl who loves to be somewhat submissive and want a husband who is very strong and dominant. I am not talking in terms of sex. I love if he is caring and a little bit aggressive too. I'm into age gaps too.

But there is a boy who is of my age and he is fair and veryyyyy nice. He always listens to me and do whatever I like. He respects me, loves me too, though we aren't in relationship but he wants to marry me. Should i marry him or wait for my type of man.

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Re: Nicer one or Dominant one

I think it’s really cute that you have somebody who is that nice to you. I think if you want a more submissive relationship you can talk it out with him and maybe he will agree to this type of thing. I think you have to really think about this and see if you really like him and want to get married. If not just wait a little more. There’s bound to be someone out there.

Ok. Heres my question. If you arent in a realtionship, why do u say he wants to marry you?

In my openion, the age gaps arent the best route to to. Ive always dated men older, they were safe. Bit ive married the two that were my age

. Do you want to have a nice comfy same shit diffrent day life? And be cared for?

Or do you want to live? Enjoy life. Be part of life? Enjoy the emotional roller coaster that you can only get from someone your own age. Because them old horse ????????carrassels ?????? Sure are safe. And slow. And the same. And they wont get on the roller coaster with u, they have been on it to many times. Besides, you want dominat. The older ones dont really do dominat to much. But they can show u sweet and slow isnt to shabby itself. The younger ones still may be out getting i to trouble. But having fun at it. And the your age person will be more flexable. The older ones like what the do, and really hate that that they dont like. Like any of your vices they dont also engage in.

But the whole point is moot. Your not in a realtionship with the same age one. So the answear dont really matter does it?