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hey its me again I may come here again because I have no one to vent to lol. lets start of with yesterday which was Thursday lol I missed my bus so I stayed at home didn't go to school. when I woke up I stayed in bed for hours and when I got up I took a shower. I didn't see my mom so I waited and then she came with my little sister so she picked her up from day care. I said hi to the both of them and my mom didn't say anything so i was on my phone doing whatever and not even for 5 minutes later she says to take my phone up and put my other devices up. what? what is she doing i just missed the bus she's acting like she hasn't seen me going through shit and going through with school.. if were gonna be honest I needed a break from school i needed to focus on my self and i couldn't because she always having something to say. the most part that makes me mad is that she stay I'm failing and then take away my phone my school laptop..? what's wrong with her. and the funny part is my parents can spend hours and hours talking about how I'm failing but wont help? yeah be keep talking your shit and put more pressure on me yeah keep doing that. she took my pone for no reason this came all out of the blue and then while she's screaming at me she says " I'm not perfect I make mistakes" but it doesn't count for me right? lmaooo. she stay talking about my attitude and then can say the meanest stuff and expect me to be nice like my siblings? hell no bye.