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ugh my friends are getting on my NERVES. all they do is send me tiktoks and then not respond to my messages. they’re all so dry like “ok” and “haha” and “oh” like come on babe if you wanna stay friends then you better act like it. somebody hand me my crowbar so i can hit myself in the head because i’ve convinced myself that covid is a dream and when i wake up it’s gonna be march 14, the day when i left for my trip to new york.

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Re: ...no

yea i hate dry friends too , its s tiring its like we have to listen to evrything about them but what about when we want to be listened to?

im not sure about the whole situation

but from this article it sounds like they dont really care , it seems they want to have someone to react to their intrests but they arent intrested in you . if you can talk to new people , ofc now you can only talk on the net , and you will find better friends rather it be sooner or later