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No clue what to do (A REPLY)


Music is what makes the world Feel more than it really is,music is something that you can always count on and can help you out;) BUT LOOK

you are sure talented as hell I can already tell and music is something that will always last ALWAYS and if you dedicated 10-years of your life and more for it then its something you are really personally attached to and let me tell you that is beautiful.Don’t give up please and THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO IS COMPARE YOURSELF TO SOMEONE ELSE THAT IS NOTTTT ITT TRUST ME.In music you gotta BE YOURSELF you need to let all those walls down and put them on That paper and they will be unique.If you are not sure that this is what you want to do that is totally fine!I believe that a lot of people including myself don’t know what they wanna do or they have some things but are not sure and YOU ARE 17 I mean im 15 lmao and I believe that with time and effort right thing will come.Do you know how many musicians didn’t make it at first? How many struggled and how many didn’t give up ?! well a shit tom of them.You can always do music but if you are not sure I suggest you to do the second thing or the third it doesn’t matter just do something that will make you happy AND IF YOU DO THAT AND MUSIC BOOM YOU ARE EXTRA HAPPY .You can always teach others how music works. YOU ARE TALENTED AND I WANTT TO BE LIKE YOU SRSLY DONT GIVE UP ON MUSIC EVER PLS I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR IT AND IF IT FEELS LIKE MUSIC IS NOT ENOUGH DO SOMETHING ELSE BUT KEEP MUSIC ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE.good luck stranger sorry if this didn’t help but I really wanted to say something to you because it would be a shame if you gave up on such a wonderful thing:)