no context, just want an emotional if you want, but it doesnt matter

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go out get out of my head stop possessing and poisoning my mind i am myself i am not her i will never be her i dont want to end up like her but im just so scared. i have no friends. never had any. will it always be this way forever? i cant stop thinking about her shes taking over my mind. stop, i beg of you leave me in peace. i dont want to think about her but she dwell in my mind day and night. go away. i am my own person. a person who has nothing to do with you. i am not a loner i will not be lonely i am not a freak like her. stop it let me have my life back. i just want to live like a normal person. she is a evil witch the devils reincarnation satan i fucking hate her. why cant i be normal? nothing i do is right. go away go away go away. i want to have friends i want to get married i want to have kids i want to be normal. but im not. because im a freak just like her. i hate her. i hate myself.