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No idea

I don't know if I want to blame or anything but I got toxic parents n family who keep telling me that I m worthless in every way possible..they don't have any reaction when I got certificates or win medals..neither do they cheer me up..i have been living like this since childhood..and when you are socially awkward n loner life gets really hard.. I took step to socialize n move into school dorm everything started to change like I started to live n enjoy life then this bomb called quarantine hits hard and here I am back to home living with parents who demoralizing me and again I am living like a worthless crap..

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Re: No idea

You are not a worthless piece of crap.Your family should be cheering u on. You should be proud of your achievements no matter what anyone says. This used to happen to me and I completely flipped the situation. I started focusing on the amount of people that I cheered on rather that the amount that cheered me on. But keep reminding yourself that you are amazing just the way you are and everything happens for a reason.