No. Just no.

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Nice try

But no

I do not want to deal with u popping in and out whenever.

You treated me with disrespect at my job and did not try to apologize. Just no mention of it.

Thats fucked up.

And I'm not cool with that

You want to throw that L wwprd around?

You treat a hoe this way.

Not a friend.

Not some chick u say that to cuz I want another I phone

You know what the fuck your doing versus whats real.

I don't want to buy a fake realtionship.

Shit, I just want you to stop hurting my heart for reals.

Buying a friendship with you showing up every wensday b4 payday then taking off for a few weeks.

I won't pay for that.

Fuck that.

I will take an equal partner that is at home every night.

Also committed. No placing urself in situations that could start rumors of sleeping around.

Ya know something real