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No more emotions

Okay so can anyone tell me why the hell I don't feel anything. I just read a confession and it was bad but u know what I didn't felt anything. I wasted all my emotions, all my happiness and all my tears over a guy that I can't feel anything anymore why????? Okay so u guys know what when my boyfriend cheated on me my bestfriend like who was very important to me, we had a fight over a guy who was his crush and yeah he also liked my frnd. So I was like said that if u will not tell him u like him I will date him and that was just a taunt and u know what ,a scene created . She said that I'm taking away all her frnd from her and u know what my fault was that his very gud frnd was my ex who cheated on me that week only. And I was so sad about that, that I skipped my meal my mom was worried I cried for hours in washroom ( u know u can't cry in washroom when u have desi strict parents)πŸ™„πŸ™„ and blah blah !! So my frnd thinks I took her frnd away from her because my ex (who was her gud frnd ) abused her ex (when she was in relationship) because he use to abuse my frnd ( like madarchod n all) and when I told her to breakup she thought I was jealous of her 🀷🀷🀷 seriously that person use to abuse you man daily, so yeah when my ex abused him she blocked him for whole one year because she was blind in luv and she Said I was the reason why she stopped talking to his frnd( seriously u blocked him from everywhere) and she was blaming me u know fake frnds my mother always warned me to stay away from her. So yeah she left me my bf left me and I was going through so many things and I use to cry for whole day on terrace and now I don't feel anything πŸ™‚ earlier I use to cry if I see someone else crying and now I think they r just acting. And I think this is not good I don't feel and I don't care about anything I don't want to be like this I want to care for people who r still there in my lyf any suggestions plzz

Hope u understood what m trying to say I'm totally messed upπŸ™‚

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Re: No more emotions

Well...I'm kind of going through something similar ...but it's weird in a way because I feel nothing and everything all at once and I'm really trying my best to describe how I feel. The feeling is basically me wanting to commit suicide but I sure as hell won't do it because I actually want to see where I go in life and other stuff like that...so I just feel stuck at the moment. I dont want to do anything...everything is just exhausting! And don't get me started on the mini anxiety attacks I keep havingπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ