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She tells me to not eat chocolate so often. I had chocolate weeks ago. She tells me to eat healthier. She never helps me. She repeats, and repeats, and I get it. She says your responsible for the energy you bring in the room. She's always angry. At me. At work. At life. She never understand. She never will. She doesn't ask me. She assumes. She blinds herself with rage and has to apologize later. But she doesn't realize how it affects me. I want someone else. Someone I can trust. I'm just some loser posting my sadness on the internet. Well, bye.

Bye the way, my mom isn't abusive or crazy or a psychopath. She really does care. At the time of righting this, I guess I was a bit like her. Overwhelmed with emotion. Anyway, I hope you have a good day. Best wishes.