no one in this estrange toxic family did a thing for me

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October 3rd i went out for a one on one planned picinc with a estrange member she wanted it to be a day were it would just be me and her a no one

else. unfortunately the picinic with thisestrange member did not go well at all she had little patience to listen to detail she was pulling the same kind of interaction that her sister would do instead of having

the patience to listen or to even show care about other peoples opinions she only wanted to know my own opinions and no one else which is

petty on this estrange members part. this woman would drag her great nephew into topics that were not even related to the twat. the idea was to

have interactions,patience to listen to what i had to say an not drag in other matters that had nothing to do with me and instead she would drag

in subject like why do you hate babies? who said i hated babies? and where did this even come from? this question was not related to my

interest or like or dislikes this question had nothing to do with my uncertainty's or me not wanting to live in a hoarded up house with-two senior individuals.

i eventually was not seeing that this person was listening to me or hearing me out at all constent interrupting me or just making plain statements and assumption like you must hate everything i don't hate everything i have likes and dislikes like everyone else there are people who dislike Mormon cults,atheist ,agnostics etc that does not make them supremacist this woman even had the nerve to make and assumption by stating so your a supremacist? i stated to her no i am anti supremacist this woman then drags her sister and the remainder of the estrange family into it by stating is there anyone in the family you like? and

I stated only few her niece Kimberly and herself she did not even comprehend why i even tolerated her. no one showed me love or respect for my goals or expectations or anything else that i wanted action put into how wished everything to be done i a way that would benefit me and work for me a person feel if they were constantly verbally abused,emotionally abused or denied the right to be pissed of or to express there feelings ADULTS HAVE A RIGHT TO EXPRESS THERE EMOTIONS WHAT MADE ANYONE HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL SOMEONE WHAT THEY SHOULD AND SHOULD NOT DO? WHO EVER SIAD YOU SHOULD NOT GET MAD RAISE YOUR VOICE OR HAVE SOME EMOTION TO SHED?