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No respect

I'm so tired of living like this. I feel like committing suicide is the only way for my loved ones to notice that I actually hold an important role in their lives. My parents for example doesn't respect any decisions I make regarding my daughter, cz their decisions are first. My daughter doesn't show me just a tiny bit of respect a child should show their parents. And my husband, is a whole nadda level of disrepect.

I don't even know what to do anymore.. any suggestions, anyone? I feel useless, and Unworthy to be a partof their lives. and suicide is the only answer that keeps popping in my head.

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Re: No respect

I feel the same way sometimes. I struggle to open up to people and just fake smile all day everyday and when asked if I’m okay I always lie and say yes. I think about suicide often because I feel so sad everyday and it will stop all these horrible thoughts but also show people that I’m not okay and I never have been. But one thing I’m holding onto is that I dream of backpacking Europe. I nearly got to do it this summer but couldn’t because of Covid but next year I am planning to do it and that dream is helping me through any dark days. Do you have any dreams in life? How about wanting to go somewhere, wanting to see something? What about having your dream job or even something small like seeing a new movie come out? If you wait for these things just for you you can hang on for longer and once you achieve a dream you can strive for more and hopefully realise your worth. You are important and without other people wouldn’t cope. They may not act like it but they love you.

I know how you feel. You feel under appreciated and you feel invalidated by the words and actions of others. Do you know what’s happening? Everyone is afraid.

There is something about you - you have a great deal of power and an emotional intensity to you and those people can’t handle it.

But here is what you have going for you. You have the capacity to feel deeply as a human being. So keep feeling compassion and empathy for yourself. And then radiate that to others.

Look at how terribly they’re behaving and think about how much compassion you could exercise and really squeeze it out of you and drown out all of that negativity.

One day you’re going to wake up and you’re going to feel so much better as a person. People around you may never change, but you will. And that’s all that matters. You have a wonderful gift to give to the world and I think you should not give up. Don’t hurt yourself.

I have dreams, but they all include my family ( me, my husband, and our daughter )... I had a very lonely childhood, so every thing I dream of doing is family oriented... This has actually made me feel a bit better, I know it's anonymous, but it feels like somebody out there understand, unlike the people I am living with, which is good enough me to hold on for a bit longer,.... so thank you whoever you are, I owe you my life.

Suicide is never the answer.

Hang in there. Work your way to earn the respect. Respect can only be earned & never be demanded.

And expecting something to happen without doing anything is only wishful thinking.

Take action, start writing or learning a skill.

Bring a purpose to your life.

The best way to harness respect is through success.

Be positive about them.

It is easier said than done but i wish you to know that love is the best antidote to hate.

Stay blessed.