Nobody Wants Him Bitch.

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To all the women around the world that hold their man tighter when you walk past a single lady.

Bitch, nobody wants your man.

To all the women that get on social media talking shyt saying "were not done yet".

Bitch, nobody wants your man or your problems.

To all the women cleaning piss up around the toilet and your bedroom smells like cornchips when he takes his shoes off.

Bitch, nobody wants your man or your nasty ass house.

Keep in mind he was someone elses man at some point and you are with him because she obviously moved on to a peaceful life or bigger and better things.

Do you want to know how I know youre insecure? If you were really happy you would know he wants you and only you and you wouldnt be voicing your insecurities on social media.

Alf looking ass bitch lol.

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