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here i am, awake, staring at my laptop screen at 2.07AM on a school night. Oh, btw the first school day after 3 months of corona quarantine. It feel like a whole new year, like its January. Ever since i was 12, i dreamt of the day i became 18. In less than 6 months, its my 18th birthday, but things on Earth has been quite shit. Yeah maybe i was really restricted at 12 but when i'm 18 i have to worry about corona and social distancing, which i would have never thought of when i was 12. I have always been fearful of sudden change, and now we just have to learn how to live the new normal? I want to live a happy long life. I have the best boyfriend, supportive family, and the best friends. I've got everything i wanted finally. I went through so many dark days and nights, full of tears and blood, and finally when life seems to make sense, shit has to go down. I just hate that being nostalgic in 2020 is bullshit cause no matter how hopeful you can be, its still has the depressing side to it. I wanna go back to the 80's or even 90's, such simpler times, with its own beauty of culture.