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Not a normal family.

About a year ago I cut off all contact with my biological mother.I wont go into the whole backstory but she lost her parenting rights to me and my siblings when I was about 10. she was never physically abusive but she was verbally abusive at times and also very neglectful. I tried having a relationship with her on and off for many years even moving to her state to be with her. after getting married and having a family my husband and I were not in a good place financially. My hometown in a different state was a cheaper and better option for us. she didnt like us moving but it had more to do with the fact that it meant she couldnt pretend to be a bigger part of my childrens life than she was. we fought when it was time for the move and we didnt talk for awhile. then last year some drama got started and i finally decided to just put a stop to it. Having your mother come to visit shouldnt cause a full blown panic attack. you should never have to wonder why your parent really wants to talk to you.when we did live in the same state any time i came to her with a parenting issue her response was telling me to beat my son. he had a skin problem where his skin would dry out and i talked to the doctors,told her i had talked to his doctor,and she still attempted to set up a doctors appointment for him behind my back. **The lotion she was convinced was healing hi skin made it worse after the first few days and it turned out all i had to do was switch to hypo allergenic baby shampoo** she gave him mashed potatoes at two weeks old and at six months she gave him raw cake batter wich resulted in an emergency room trip because my son had a reaction to the egg. she barely even tried with my oldest daughter and when she did take her she admitted to giving her whole and condensed milk in her bottle because she couldnt get her to take formula. she always always always was trying to make me second guess my parenting. I still believe i made the right choice by cutting her out of our lives but I am often scared of what she might try to do to get back at me