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noT a typical family

You could say i have a very large and abnormal family. I have 13 older brothers and only one of them is my fully-blood related brother. I am the only girl and the youngest of the family. My father has no actual legal wife at the age of 40. The most abnormal thing is that all his girlfriends including my mother is living in the same house as everyone else. There is no drama and we don't really meddle in each others' affairs. I love all my brothers and they also treat me really well. My father treats me good. But i feel like we have no family bond at all. I have no parental figures and this is sometimes so frustrating. They don't even know my age. They don't even know what school i go to. I've never even called me birth-mother 'mom' before. I don't even know what i should feel about this. It's not like i feel unhappy or something because i really appreciate what i have. I just feel confused af. This is so weird.