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not accepted for who i wanted to be.

sooo. my name is anastasia dade. anddd i need to get this off my chest :/. me & my mother have had a great ass bond since the day i was born. she would make tiktoks w me, twerk w me , shop w me, etc. well one day i met this girl online named kaylee. she was lesbian. anyways , we started talking as friends and one day we facetimed and i caught feelings for her. i knew something was up with me because I've always known i was 'straight'. i changed my whole LIFESTYLE for this girl when I had just met her. she lived about 23 mins away from me. so i had made the plan to go to the movies with her. my mom dropped me off (THINKING I WAS JUST FRIENDS WITH THIS CHICK) and she brought some Nic and we went behind the movie theater building and smoked for about an hour and then the movie started. we sat up at the very top row and made out for about 8 mins. it was my fucking dream come true. getting high w a girl and making out. hell yes 🥺. then the movie was over and i went straight to bed . i woke up with NO ONE home and my phone was no where to be seen. i started crying and i got on my computer and downloaded and messaging app to text my mom, she wouldn't respond. she finally got home like 10 mins later and screamed "ANASTASIA GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW" i knew it. she had found the text of me and kaylee. (my mother was always very homophobic). i said yes ma'am and went downstairs . my mom threw the phone at my face busting my lip and she grabbed my cheeks and said ' idk what is wrong with you but you are committing a sin right here and I will not accept it. you are literally wanted to fuck a GIRL and thats disgusting. i hate you' my chest screamed :(. i ran upstairs and cried for 5 fucking hours. it's been 2 months since ive had my phone and Kaylee committed suicide because she thought I was ignoring her. my mom wouldn't let me even fucking go to her funeral yesterday fucking morning and I omg I just have no words. imy so much bby. im broken. :/