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Not even

Sometimes not even the distance

Not even deleting the contact

Not even the block

Not even deleting the pictures, the msgs, the love

Not even not talking to them

Not even being completely busy

Not even distracting yourself from them

Not even loving yourself

Not even the years

Not even trying to hate them

Not even being angry with them

Not even hating yourself, being angry with yourself,


Sometimes nothing, can make you forget about someone, no matter how hard you try, or don't try ..

What's the meaning of this

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Re: Not even

Maybe it is not necessary to forget about them, but rather learn from your experience with them (be it good or bad). People come into your life for a reason, even if that's hard to see. It may seem difficult to move on from this person now, but I promise you, time heals all wounds. Whether it's a year, or 10 years, you will make it through. Stay strong.