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Not feeling anything anymore

Life has been kinda bland recently. I just haven't felt.. anything. This past fall I started college and it was the absolute worst time of my life. Hated every second of it and was miserable. All I did was drive to school. Do work. Go home. Go work a 7 hour shift 6 days a week. Then sleep. All my friends left to go to other schools and literally no one would talk to me at school. I gave up trying so I just worked more. Was closing 4-6 nights a week after school so Most days id be out from 8am-10pm. Corona happened and things got a little better. But I just lost all motivation to do anything. Im now working 7 days a week and while I'm not upset im just burnt out. Even playing video games and hanging with friends just feels like nothing. Im not depressed but im just kind of not feeling anything. Except dread. College coming back is making me feel an increasing sense of horror and anxiety. I just don;t know what to do. Nothing feels fun anymore and I have nothing to look forward to. Not planning on harming myself in anyway but it's just been rough