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Not going to make it to 37.

I'm probably going to kill myself sometime in the next 4-5 months. I'm on multiple medications and I don't feel like it's working. I hate my job, but I can't see myself working in any other industry, it'd be starting completely over after a 15 year career.

I'm tired and I don't want to be here anymore.

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Re: Not going to make it to 37.

I hear you. You matter. Please seek help. You don't have to struggle alone, there are professionals who can help you navigate through the hard seasons of your life; you just have to find the right person. I actually reached out to a new therapist the other day because I need help coping with current stressors. I understand it's not always easy to ask for help, but it's completely okay.

You can get through this. Please keep fighting.