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Not good enough to work

This morning I was turned down by the local call centre- I had only considered it due to the fact i could not do gigs with music atm with the lockdown

10 years I've been writing music and appearing on the radio - 10 years and I still can't save any money - and now I can't even get hired for a no qualifications needed customer service job

I'm fucked

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Re: Not good enough to work

Hey man,

Have you tried fiverr dot com? I use it alot for fun but theres people who use it for work related projects.. its where people pay for gigs or services. You set up an account and put samples of your work so customers get an idea of what you can do.. also, youtube could be a worthwhile venture for the time being. Guess my point is, youre only fucked if you give up. So.. dont give up. Let the world know youre not gunna let it swallow you or your music alive.