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not my day, man

i dunno, i'm like 14 and i know this is stupid but i feel like i'm not trying enough with my schoolwork. by that i mean, i know i have it. i plan to do it. i get distracted. easily. and then i feel guilty about not spending enough time on it, like i am now. i used to be an all A's student, 4.0 gpa and then quarantine came around and suddenly i realized i am extremely incapable of doing things on my own without a teacher helping me instead of some halfassed actors on some website that's supposed to teach me something. i don't have zoom, we don't use that. i don't get that opportunity. i get 2 days a week in school and i should be thankful for that since there are kids who don't get THAT opportunity. even in school, our teachers rotate classes instead of us. i have different classes like many students. with those other classes where i have to move, i miss the classes the other teachers teach. i don't get enough time to work in class with someone who can help. god please i want it back to normal i don't want to be behind. please make it stop

its so stupid having to rant on this website it makes me feel like i've hit a new low- like i said, i'm 14, i shouldn't be feeling this bullcrap.

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Re: not my day, man

Hi! I’m 13 and I totally get it. Everythings really hard right now so it’s totally understandable that you’re struggling. It might be hard but have you tried talking to your parents about this? It might really help and you could always get a tutor or something to help you out with specific schoolwork. Hopefully COVID will be over soon and we can all go back to living life normally but until then we just gotta try to push through. Also I’m assuming because you’re 14 that you just started highschool and same and it’s definitly a difficult transition especially with COVID and everything. Anyways I know I’m just a stranger on the internet but if it helps, just know, I love you so much❤️