Not only I know them for years...

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But they all know of my best friends, the people I trust everyday in my life. They know the mother of my child, they saw my child. We know the same people and live in the same town. We've been sharing a while...

While you guys? Didn't even knew the name of my kid... Don't know anything of my life, none of my friends. In all the years you'Ve been around.

The only reason you are interested now, it's because someone else have made the move. Nothing else.

They have values, made over countless events and years of building a trust. Through stories and mutual friendships.

You guys are just random people with a nice body. That never dare to do anything to get into my life for years. Literally decades for others...

So stop trying to destroy what took years to build, just cause one day you decide to do a move on that guy. Decades later down the road.

You aren't helping yourself, you are just showing how selfish and self-serve you are really.

Thanks for respecting me, my friends, my life, my decisions and who I choose to share my life with.

Appreciate it.