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Not serious

I've been told that I'm not a serious person few times because I turn many of my conversation into a bit of comedy or try to be funny ..

Its not that I'm not taking what they're saying seriously or that Im not serious..

Sometimes it's because I wanna avoid the topic, and other times it's because I wanna simply make others smile or laugh, even if it's a dumb joke or whatever ..

And most of all because usually when I'm serious no one listens to me or take me seriously so I adopted this mechanism to avoid being judged or ignored when I'm saying something .. that way I won't be not taking seriously because I don't even seem to be serious..

I also don't like to express my real feelings and share my real thoughts so it's also a way to cover that up..

I don't hate doing this but it's annoying when someone tells me you're not a serious person, when in my mind there is a fucking war of thoughts

So that's it thank you

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2 months ago

Re: Not serious

i understand how you feel, it's hard to finally speak out to be ignored.

you're listened to and i care deeply. no matter what happens please try to express / talk about your feelings, it gets worse if you don't.

if you ever need to talk dm me on ig @ amandakozume , i always listen even if you're venting :)

ily <3

Hey dude this is op

I really appreciate your gestures..

However i rather not express my feelings in general, I don't find it a problem ..

If I'm sad I just feel sad and cry if needed however, only when I'm alone

But I'm really thankful for your concern and reply 💙

alright! i understand, completely

do what you think is best. :)

but if it does get harder please reach out to someone. i know you don't want to so don't but just in case .

regardless just trust your gut feeling you know?

but alr ,, have a good day !!