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During the past seven months I've became best friends with this guy. The problem was that during the first two months I started to fall in love with him. I've been hanging out with him and my girl bestfriend (who knows that I'm in love with him) and she flirts with him all the time. I feel very betrayed when she does this because as my bestfriend I expect you to not flirt with the guy I really like. Another thing is she started to him bad things about me and he talks to my bestfriend more.

The next part to this is that the guy I like really likes this younger girl(she's very similar to me but she's Caucasian and I'm tan/light skinned and he only likes Caucasian girls that don't have lots of acne) He tells me about her because I'm one of his bestfriends and he has the right to share this. He knows I like him and he doesn't want me to like him. If were being honest he's been a little rude to me lately. He compares me to other girls and tells me I'll never be enough for him to want me.

I know this isn't a big problem compared to everything else people are going through but if I could just get some advice I'd highly appreciate it.

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