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for anyone having suicidal thoughts i just wanted to let you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE soo i also belong to a group of people facing anxiety depression family issues and many problem in your life its okay to stop and take break and cry breakdown when you are alone and be sad feel lonely and weak broken but dont just give up because i dont know you you dont know me but i think that you matter you deserve to be loved soo thats all i gotta say to you now its my turn to introduce my self.

Hi ,there so i am a girl its not like i dont joke around i do joke around play around and i am that one girl that every one thinks that i am problem free always happy but deep inside when i am alone i cry by self to sleep i am than one girl who never gets appreciated for who she is but always everyones second choice i have 2 -3 close friend i am never confident of my self i dont know why i am always left out i am not sad or rather happy i want to have friends but not socialize i am just 14 years old and every night i cry myself to sleep while hearing sad songs my always fav sad songs are =

its you , get you to moon , train wreck , and so on i have family issues , insecurities , futures worries everyone says dont think too much but its not easy as it is to say if you be me for one day you will break into pieces and i want to die but i am too scared to loose my life just to know that i never actually lived ..... i know i have people that love me but i still dont want to live any more but i am still hoping for things to get better but it never does so... have a great live goodbye ... i hope you will still fight till last like i am doing best of luck.