Not suicidal but-

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A while back, like about 3 years back I had a dream I was given a note

it was a poem and everything rhymed, I just don’t remember the words exactly

all I know is that it said me and my sister would die early in our lives, the point where we were picking up pace getting ready to do great things only to be killed off

and it said I would die in the heart of June?

wtf is the heart of June?

probably just wacky dream nonsense

I guess you know why I am bringing up this now as June is a month away

whenever may comes around I always think of that specific day that the dream talked about, usually in fear

ive been through a lot of stress lately, I can’t go into exact detail but it’s heavily religion based

im just sick of being lost or confused on what I’m supposed to be

mans ive been lonely and have had nothing for my mind to latch onto

weeks dint mean anything

the only reason I would not want that dream to be true is because it involves my sister dying, not from natural causes I assume

do yeah, not suicidal but I hate living