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Not talented enough

From the age of 4 I've wanted to be a writer. I loved reading books as a kid and had so many great ideas for stories, in school my teachers would always say how impressive my descriptive and creative writing was, I love being able to create different universes just with words.

I've struggled with self esteem issues for a while, and while I lost faith in every other ability I thought I had, I never once doubted my dream of becoming an author. Until yesterday. I've been posting stories on wattpad for about a year now, and I finally worked up the courage to show my mum. She never usually gives me much encouragement, she never says she's proud of me and never seems to realise how I feel about anything, so this was a big step. I felt so confident and hopeful that she might see that I'm good at something. Except she didn't. She said my stories were too melodramatic and that I obviously didn't understand what I was writing about, which hurt me because I had been writing about my own experiences with various mental health issues, so how could I not understand it? She said I had talent but I had a long way to go before it was worth publishing anything.

Now I just feel so stupid and childish. I thought I was good at something and it turns out I wasn't. It's been the only thing I've never given up on since I was a child, and my mum crushed it with one conversation. I feel so lost now, I don't really know what to do with my life any more. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I know it's not much compared to what other people are writing about on this website but I really feel like I've lost a fundamental part of my hopes and dreams through what she said. I'd be really grateful if anyone knows more about professional writing and could give me some tips.

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Re: Not talented enough

I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. I totally understand you. My parents don't ever understand me either. I've also been writing on wattpad for over 7 months now. I'm so passionate about it but I'm too scared to publish anything since my friends say it's so stupid. Anyways, everyone goes through their hard times when they're feeling down or not good enough but I want you to know that things will always get worse before they get better. Whatever happens, don't lose hope. I believe you're talent and I believe in you. If this wasn't anonymous I would go right away to your Wattpad and read everything you published cuz I know it'll be fantastic. I don't know if this helped but I hope it did and remember, never lose hope.

To the person that replied to my original post:

Tysm, that really made my day and gave me a boost. I'm going to carry on writing and I hope you do too, I'm sure your work isn't what your friends say it is. I think I might write a couple of my short stories on here as well as wattpad since it's difficult to get people to actually read my stuff on there, I recommend you doing that as well. It's anonymous so no one will know who the stories belong to, and I'll definitely read them! Keep going and I hope we can both make it, thanks for your reply x