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nothing is impossible

i am experimenting with this nothing is impossible and alanon solves all of our problems. im not sure how to do this experiment. i was listening to this song nothing is impossible by planet shakers on spotify. i think you can create any life you want and have the life you want and that you can be happy. i read all the posts here and there are alot of problems sadness pain and depression and anxiety suicidual. i was doing an experiment what to do about managing my life and i find that prayer and meditation and having a daily morning routine and listening to the still voice within helps manage my life and works for me. i dont have a plan as i listen throughout the day to the still voice within what to do. i dont know if God exists or if there is a higher power but a higher power for me is nature mountains and ocean or anything i want it to be. i dont know if jesus is the highest ideal or if its most important to set an ideal. maybe thats how the mind works with an ideal. thats my understanding of God that i dont know if God exists. thats my awareness. i dont know about dreams and reincarnation and if life continues but all i really have is the now. prayer and meditation gives me peace of mind. i love doing experiments. i was doing a search for God experiment but its very hard i have to proof there is a God and facts and there is no proof and no facts there is a God but thats just how i think my mind and my thoughts and my experiments. prayer and meditation work i find because it changes your reality but it doesnt prove that God exists or a higher power.

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Re: nothing is impossible

its hard to prove if there is a God or if there is no God. i think about what gives me peace of mind with prayer and meditation and its the now that gives me peace of mind. is mental illness a seperation from God? what does mental illness a seperation from God mean. is alanon the soultion? is alanon key to harmony? is being a christian the soultion? Is Jesus the highest ideal? Is God Jesus? is there a God or is no God? all questions to do experiments with and to test everything.