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I don't have an idea what's going on with me lately. I'm aware that this is entirely my fault and is just all in my head but I cannot stop overthinking everything. Lately, my boyfriend doesn't make time for me anymore and is always busy. I get it, he has his own life, too but he hates it when I do that to him. I don't know what's going on and he won't answer me or he'll just shrug off my questions. I hate to think that he's talking to his ex but I just can't get it off my mind. I sound crazy and I know I don't make any sense but I just want to rant. I don't think I have a friend I can freely confide in anymore. I have friends -- a lot of them but I don't want to share my problems they'll probably share with others. And I'm being irrelevant now. Well, thank you for your time. This is actually making me feel better. I'll probably do this for a lot of times. Thank you.