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Notre Dame slow

I try to be straight up when I evaluate what I see. Notre Dame is very disciplined. They play well as a unit. Make few mistakes. They do NOT have talent of the Clemson’s & Ohio States of world. Few do.

Historically Irish are #2. Their fans still care. Large national following. They tied selves to ACC after expansion to keep opponents & help with recruiting. Smart.

They stayed independent (except this yr) to keep long term quality opponents; while also dating but not marrying ACC. Smart. They have the fan base to get own TV contract. Who else could do that? I can’t think of anyone. Texas has a massive base. But their network has flopped; so I don’t think another team could.

Can Irish make playoffs? If they beat Clemson. I think they’d have to beat them in ACC title game. Think would play twice. So they just have to win the second meeting.

That said. I watched the Louis game a second time. The Cards were acting like punks. When you see that you know they have coaching of poor character; which means poor discipline. You only behave like punks & win a team sport if you have much more talent. The Irish had more talent.

But their QB struggled in the wind. In strong wind you have to throw with power & force the ball thru the wind. A tight spiral helps. Big hands & long strong arms on strong upper body does that. I didn’t see him do it well. That said; ACC title game is in south.

Some of the front Louis defenders were fast but had tiny little builds. Looked like Jrs in high school. Clemson has “big fast” guys. Unless Clemson beats self Irish can’t win either game; specifically when a trip to playoffs are on line. Without pandemic Irish may have made playoffs. But now have Clemson in way.