Now is the time to ask for forgiveness

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I need to keep sharing with as many people as possible. If I reach one person, then I feel success. I only hope to reach more. I'm here to help you. I'm here to help save your soul. Turn your back on Satan and ignore his lies and empty promises. God loves you, Satan doesn't. Live your life and be as happy as you can be, but also live in believing in the Lord. He wants you to be happy. The Devil only wants one thing from you, your soul. Don't give in to his deception. You still have a chance to choose to follow God and ask him for forgiveness and show him you will follow him. Let him know that the Devil had you in a trance that you're lucky to have opened your eyes to and realized he's just a lying, manulitive, evilness. God is forgiving. Talk to him sometimes. Don't just talk to him to help you with your problems, although it's okay to do that, but just have conversations with him about anything. He wants you to talk to him. And yes, he does answer your prayers. They might not happen when you want, but be patient and he will answer. It might not be exactly what you asked him for, but better. God knows what is best for you so accept his answered prayers. Sometimes it won't make sense, but again only God knows what is best for you. Sometimes, turn off your phone, turn off your computer, turn off your TV and radio, and just sit in silence for a few minutes. Or use those few minutes to talk to God. Try to take a few deep breaths and slow down. Ask God to save your soul. Believe Jesus is coming back soon. And remember, Jesus loves you as God does.