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My uncle send me a nude of his penis yesterday and my relatives assume that im having an affair with him. He has been touching me and i have told him many times that i don't like it. I feel im being abused and it makes me angry. I also fear that he will end up raping me now that he has send a nude of his penis.

The nude saga happened yesterday whilst i was sad for losing my virginity to my boyfriend whom im not serious with.

I feel like im a loser😭😭😭

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Re: Nude

I'm so sorry. Your uncle doing that is NOT okay. Please talk to your parents/friends. Call CPS. You'll be okay. Spamming here so I csn fill up the 300 letter requirement: yn4y4j63jj56j74k4uj64kk6363j636j363j6j36j3j636j3j636j3runy4unryj47m4yebj747mffnu5i5muk4uj4uje63j63j63jj7464j4ju36y3j6j33j6yejjyeeyeyjyejjyeyjeyejyejyejeynyebeynnyeyebyehyehethbetbetbteebttbetbetbetbetehbttehtwhtehhetbtetebethbyeyejyejeyjyejeyjyejyejyejyhehyeyheyehybeyjeyejeyjyjeyje