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Have you ever felt so numb you would do anything just to feel something? Anything, just anything at all..thoughts of hurting your self..You stare at the same pair of scissors for weeks...You ask your self would you actually do it? Could you actually feel so lost that your resort is self harm? Whats making you think this way...Whats driving you to these thoughts you ask, but you can't answer. Its like having a lock on your mouth, you want to say so much and just when you think you can, no words come out. so instead, you stare at your self in the mirror crying asking your self how did you get here? Everyone see's you as this happy go lucky girl but you can't see anything in your self. Why... Why am I feeling this way. I'm supposed to be the strong one, the one thats there for everyone..but why when I need someone I can't even get the words out of my mouth. If I even tried to explain would they even be able to understand? I don't want to feel numb anymore. Can I just feel free.