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i feel numb.

like an empty shell, going through the day.

the same activities; just enough to distract me from the hollow space in my chest.

so unloved, so lonely, so stoic.

you start to believe that you're numb when you have never feel warmth.

sometimes i hug my pillow tight, just imagining it's someone who can comfort me.

someone who'll push my hair back and tell me it's okay.

there's so much, i can't just let things go.

whenever my parents confront me,

they ask me, "what's the matter with you?"

i just cry, sob and sob and sob

i can't seem to get the words out

i hate it. i hate it so much.

i hate how i can't tell them that it sucks that they pretend nothing happened.

it sucks that they got back together and it sucks that no one was by my side, cradling me and assuring me that it's okay.

no one asked for my forgiveness, no one even checked up on me.

they just assumed that everything was fine.

but it's not.

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