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I need to get it off my chest and only way I can is post it here anonymously. My cousin forcefully fingered me last night and I cant share this to anyone. I froze and didnt know how to react. His parents were there too but they were asleep. He did it under the sheets. I wanted to push him and hit him but couldnt. I felt dead. And now I feel disgusted. I feel filthy. I want to just cry but I cant. I feel numb. I am spiritual and I was so happy about my life but this happened and now I dont know wat to feel anymore. Needed to get it off my chest. Thank you for listening.

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Re: Numb

Hey it's not ok to be quiet.

It's your story to tell I don't have a say in this,I know, it's only you who can understand your pain.

But do you really want your cousin to get away with it.

Today it's you...someday it would be somebody else. Please standup and share it with your parents. And fight it...keeping it within you won't help, it's a request please ...the person who can assualt a relative can surely do it with anybody...

Everyone loves you don't worry and share it with your parents as soon as possible.🙏God bless you♥️

You are the best and you can do it!!!💛💛

Sorry to hear about this... Please stand against it and fight... You can do it👍👍

People around you definitely love you and trust you so get up and fight u r the queen and your cousin needs to pay for his act.....







At the end decision will be yours,

All the best....

U can contact me if you want anonymously on isnta my username is geek.jeez

And on gender context I m a girl.

Only if you are comfortable..., ❤❤❤❤