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Idk how much this thing will let me write but I am getting the feeling I should tell someone about this so we'll see.

I am 24 now, have a daughter and a loving girlfriend. I am steadily working at an electricians license so that I can support my family and work a second job for myself after my day job to make ends meet. I find myself sitting in my chair, razor knife in han, upon the brink of hurting myself worse than the wounds that already exist on my legs and arms.

The thought passes by head of if I am being selfish because I have a daughter and people who care for me. It makes me feel guilty. But I cant stop the way I feel.

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Re: Nvm

This is shouldn't just be about your girlfriend, or your daughter.

This is your problem, and it's not your fault you feel the way you feel.

I'm not going to say what you might've already hear from other people about this.

"You have so much potential." Or "Think about your wife and daughter!" And "Don't be such a coward."

This is your choice to make, and I know it bears you much pain if you feel the need to do it every day.

Just because suicide is an answer, doesn't mean it should be your only option.

If you truly wish to get better or not feel this way every day. Don't get scared of trying to reach out.

Find other options instead of hurting yourself if you can. Believe me when I say that you don't truly know what is waiting for you on the other side. So who knows if death will really be the end of your suffering?

Take care, stranger.