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Obesity & Binge eating for 6y now!

I am 22 yo, and i weight 101kg.

I started binge eating when I got into HighSc. I just couldnt stop, and every year I got 10-15kg more, I start Diets only for special days, then I stoped and got back to Bing eating.

I started reading for treatments, how to deal with it, how to accept it, how to continue with LIFE.

But everytime I gained weight, my clothes were too Small for me and I started to become an indoor person, Never Go Out, Never talk to anybody.

And even when I HAVE TO go out I try to find those kind of clothes that u cant even be seen or recongnized.

And yet is the same, I cant look my self in the mirror and see the way I am and choose to go out. Its just painfull.

I dont have any friends now, my family is always like "stop eating, you will never lose weight, ur body is gross...". So I kind of dont talk to them either. So all I have is me, food & social media...

I cant stop this, when I get emocional, I get food...

Same Day, Every Day.

Kind of tired of living in HIDING!

Why bother breathing if your just goin to be Indoors ALWAYS!

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Re: Obesity & Binge eating for 6y now!

i get how you feel completely but there’s a very important thing i think you should know:

being overweight doesn’t make you any less of a person. society tells us that being fat makes us ugly and unhealthy but that doesn’t have to be true.

if you’re using food to replace an emptiness or just as a comfort, it would be good using other things to substitute it like a movie that you enjoy, cozy blankets, music that makes you happy, etc. find people who don’t judge you for your appearance. you're more than your weight. you are an individual with feelings and interests and anyone who treats you differently based on appearance honestly isn’t worth your time if all they do is make you feel guilty for being hefty.

if you really want to lose weight then i’d consider finding self help guides through blogs and youtube that promote self love and acceptance. guilting a person into being healthy is very toxic and could lead to body image and eating disorders.

once you realize that your self worth is more than a thin waist and an empty diet, things become a little easier. i genuinely wish the best for you and hope you can find some solace in my words.

Start w/ eating healthier. Snacking on fruits, less carbs, more fiber. Key in losing weight is small frequent healthy meals.

Your mindset should be, I only have myself so I have to take care of myself. And taking care means not eating whatever you want but what you need. Think that all the junk you put in = betraying and sabotaging your own body, yourself. So give yourself a pat in the back. Start saying, I will take care of you from now on cause no one else will. Self love is key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

For sure at the start it will feel like it’s impossible because youre gonna crave and crave. Thats why never crash diet because that’s like going on to shock. Instead, TAPER YOUR MEALS. First-second week, minus 1/4 or even 1/8 of your daily intake. The following two weeks minus another 1/4 or 1/8. And drink lots of water to make yourself feel full. So before you eat, drink 1 or even 2 glasses. And carry a huge water bottle near you so when you feel hungry and its not meal or snack time yet, drink water. Replace your snacks with healthier options. Like fruits. You can put apples, grapes and bananas in the freezer to make them a more interesting snack. Reduce carbs and bulk on fiber to lessen hunger pangs.

Losing weight is very hard specially if youve been on the heavier side for a long time. So what it really needs is a strong drive and mindset that youre doing this because you dont wanna betray yourself and poison yourself with all the junk you put in. Everytime it gets hard, put your arms around you and say that you have to take care of yourself thats why youre cutting the poison. Then stay away from any food source and do some other activities to distract yourself. Good luck!!!

Been there and still doing that .

And people always have ghis great advices to give u all.the time at all the places ..

But sometimes what food gives u not even a loved one can but then may be we always look for someone to understand and approve our habits but I would say approve the comfort .